Confirm your installation with the following instructions.

Verify rlib

  • Once installation is complete; connect to your Garry's Mod server.

  • Open the console ( ~ )

  • Execute the command:


The following should output:

rlib Manifest: 
       Ver :  v3.2.0-stable  ( 12.06.2020 )
       Dev :  Richard
       Doc : 

Verify addon

▸Method 1 (Console)

To verify if your addon is installed properly:

  • Connect to your Garry's Mod server

  • Open the console ( ~ )

  • Execute the command:


The following should output:

[CONSOLE] [rlib] nodules » arivia, workshop

You can also execute the following command in the server-side console:


This command should show something such as the following:

▸Method 2 (In-game)

Any addon that includes an interface will come with multiple ways to make it appear on-screen. Obviously, by making the interface appear, you will know that it is successfully installed.

For a list of activation methods, view the Binds page.

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