Policy regarding refunds

It is common for customers to have basic issues with a script; immediately assume it is the script's fault, and request a refund before any type of communication or ticket has been created. Then after initial troubleshooting; it ends up being a bad installation, or a user-error.

For this reason is why refunds are not granted simply upon request if you report an issue with the script. The developer will request that you submit a ticket with the following information:

  • Any errors in your server-side console

  • Verifying your installation path

  • Confirming the script works without any initial settings being modified

If the above points appear to be fine; then the developer is going to request additional information related to your server itself so that the developer can take a look personally.

Should bugs with the script be present; the developer will release updates addressing the issue.

Because you are dealing with digital items; a developer cannot remove your downloaded copy of an addon. Therefore, a refund is approved in instances where no other possible solution can be provided to address your issue in a proper amount of time; as long as the issue is with the addon itself, and NOT because of user-errors. Which will be determined by the developer after you create your initial support ticket.

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