Incompatible Addons

Addons in this list have been deemed "incompatible" and require extra work.

▸Official List

The following workshop addons have been known to cause issues with this script after being reported to the developer. In order to get this addon functioning properly; please review the chart below to see what is causing the incompatibility.

Certain workshop addons are coded poorly, and the Steam Workshop does not have "Coding Standards". In order to correct the addons below; it would be required to modify the Workshop addon itself which is not good practice for us. We do not want to modify other scripts to behave differently than what you expect them to behave.

No addons reported

▸Check Addons

From time to time; certain addons from the Steam Workshop may conflict with purchased addons from Gmodstore.

Ensure you follow these instructions. If you submit a ticket about the addon not showing up and it properly being installed; this will be the first process the developer makes you go through.

To eliminate the possibility of a Steam Workshop addon breaking this addon; please complete the following:

  • Open your server's Hosting Control Panel (gmc, crident, etc).

  • Locate the Startup Parameters section.

  • REMOVE the steam workshop collection id associated to the server

  • Save your server settings with workshop id removed

  • Restart the server and then join

  • Check to see if the addon now works

If you removed the workshop collection and your addon does NOT work; Submit a Ticket to the developer.

If you removed the workshop collection and your addon now works; you will need to use Process of Elimination to figure out which addon is causing a conflict.

▸Process of Elimination

If you have verified that this addon does not function unless you remove your Steam Workshop Collection; then you will need to figure out which addon is causing conflicts. Again, this is usually not a developer issue related to addons on Gmodstore, but improperly coded addons that are provided on the workshop that have no quality control in place.

You will need create an additional Steam Workshop Collection titled something such as Test; and apply that new workshop id to your server; replacing your official collection.

Add a small group of addons to begin with (roughly five (5) at a time) to your new test collection, and then restart your server.

When the server is back online, join the server and test this addon to see if it starts to function. If it does, you will need to narrow down which of the five newest addons may be causing the conflict by removing one of the five; one by one and doing a restart.

If the issue persists after five are added; then add an additional five and continue this process.

It is tedious, and takes time especially on servers which a large list of subscribed workshop items, but it is the only way to determine which addon is conflicting.

Once you find the conflicting addon; contact the developer of this gmodstore addon to see if some type of work-around can be developed.

When adding workshop items to a test collection, start with workshop items that add major functionality. These are usually the ones that cause issues. Leave workshop items that simply add player or prop models and maps for last as these are less likely to be the issue.

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