Information related to modifying fonts.

▸ Location


▸ Parameters

str prefix prefix added to front of id_name string

str id_name name used to call font entry

str font name of font used

int size size for font

int weight font weight ( 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 )

bool shadow add shadow casting to the font

bool extended allow font to display glyphs outside Latin-1 range. unicode code points above 0xFFFF are not supported.

bool symbol enables the use of symbolic fonts such as Webdings

▸ Structure

Each font has the following structure:

_f( prefix, 'id_name', 'Font Name', size, weight, shadow, extended, sym )
_f( pf, 'g_section_name', 'Advent Pro Light', 32, 200 )

▸ Saving Changes

After changing a font; you must execute the console command arivia.fonts.reload

▸ Notes

The only values you should modify are the font name, size, weight, and shadow.

If you wish to use a custom font that is not included with Garry's Mod; you must provide that font in a Steam Workshop collection for your server; or sync it to players using FastDL. This documentation does not include instructions on doing that; as it's outside the scope of what the purpose of this documentation is for.

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