Information related to how this addon can be translated.


All languages included with script are located in lua\modules\arivia\lang

▸Add Language

  • Copy the lua\modules\arivia\lang\en.lua file

  • Rename copied en.lua file to your own language

    • Example: lua\modules\arivia\lang\ru.lua ( russian )

  • Open the new language file in a text editor.

  • Locate the line:

    • mod.language[ 'en' ]

  • Change the line to your new language:

    • mod.language[ 'ru' ]

  • Translate all of the strings to your own language.

▸Set Default Language

  • Open the folder lua\modules\arivia\lang\

  • Find the filename for the language you want to make as your default

  • Open lua\modules\arivia\cfg\sh_cfg.lua

  • Locate the setting cfg.lang

  • Change 'en' to your own language's filename (without the .lua at the end)

cfg.lang = 'ru' -- russian
cfg.lang = 'es' -- spanish
cfg.lang = 'fr' -- french
  • Restart your server if changes do not get applied immediately.

▸Switching Languages

You can switch languages in-game on-the-fly by typing !lang in chat.

The languages in the list are a compiled set from all the addons you own running rlib. If you own multiple scripts, but only have French translations for one; then the one addon will be translated to French and the others will default to English.

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