Hide Unavailable Jobs

Solutions related to seeing jobs that a player shouldn't be able to join.


By default; most server owners wanted ALL jobs to show for all players, however, show as greyed out. If you do not wish for custom or unavailable jobs to display for a player unless they can actually become that job; do the following:

  • Open lua\modules\arivia\cfg\sh_4_tabs.lua

  • Locate the setting unavail.bShow listed within the cfg.tabs.jobstable

  • Set value to false

There is a bShow setting for each main section within this config file. Go through each one and set the value to false if you do not wish for jobs or items to show unless joinable or buyable.


unavail =
    bShow                   = false,  <--------------------------
    bFade_box               = true,
    bShowCustoms            = true,

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