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Not all changes to a particular update may show on this page. This page lists the most visual changes to the update. This usually does not include minor changes, bug fixes, or internal revisions.

◾ Revised Workshop Collection List

Server owners can now provide multiple workshop collections in a list. Player can click on each one and view the workshop collection and subscribe to it if need-be. This feature supports both the steam overlay browser and the integrated browser.

◾ Network Server Listing

A feature previously in Arivia v2 has returned to v3. Servers can now advertise other servers within their network and offer players a way to directly connect to them.

◾ Enhanced Player Actions

Player actions (previously known as 'Commands'); now displays via pressing the 2nd tab from the left within the mini-tab buttons at the top.

Originally, this list of actions showed within the Settings interface; but can now be viewed while players are browsing available jobs / items.

Player actions have also had an interface update. The arrow icon colors can now be changed for each individual button via the config file lua\modules\arivia\cfg\sh_10_actions.lua.

The old header title has also been removed in order to save space.

◾ Custom Category Colors

Categories can now have custom colors. Simply apply the Color param to your created category and restart the server (limitation in darkrp).

For a complete set of instructions of how to enable custom category colors; visit our FAQ:


◾ Staff Tab Added

◾ Fixed Font Mounting

Server owners reported that custom fonts utilized in this script were not auto-mounting to the server and server owners had to subscribe manually. This update corrects this feature, and players should get all custom fonts without any additional actions being required.

◾ Documentation: Visual Blueprints

A series of new visual charts have been made; which explain the interface of Arivia in detail and show where certain items can be edited. Head on over to the Visual charts below:

Visual Blueprints

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