Addon Won't Show

Steps to take if your addon will not display in-game.

▸Verify Install

Verify that you've followed the instructions on the Install page. Ensure that this includes both a good installation of rlib AND the addon itself. You can also follow the steps on the Verify page to ensure that both of these are functioning properly.

▸Check Gamemode

This addon requires that your server be running a DarkRP based gamemode. Ensure that you've properly configured your server for the correct gamemode and are not running in sandbox.

▸Revert Config Changes

If you have made changes to the configuration and cannot get the addon to show; revert those changes. Try installing a fresh copy of the addon without any changes to determine if the changes to the config are to blame or if you are having issues elsewhere.

▸Use Latest Versions

Ensure that you are using the latest version of both rlib AND the addon you are trying to install. Gmodstore allows developers to post multiple versions of an addon, and sometimes customers can accidentally click if downloading the addon from the Versions tab. Double-check your installed version.

▸Check For Incompatible Addons

If you are experiencing issues with this addon; ensure first that it is not conflicting with other addons. Any addons that have been installed from the Steam Workshop MUST be checked first. This developer cannot control the quality of code for addons distributed via the Steam Workshop and most reported situations involve a Workshop addon that is not coded properly and has not been updated in years.

For more detailed instructions; view the Incompatible Addons page.

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