This is a detailed changelog for the specified release above.

This beta does a lot of back-end stuff to get Arivia closer to being out of beta and starts to migrate the script toward turning off developer mode.

It also addresses bugs that users need fixed now which are affecting the script.

◾ Fixed Rules (Website Mode)

Players were getting an error if they enabled "website" mode. Bug should now be fixed.

◾ Rules URL Setting Changed

There was an oversight in the script which asked you for the URL to your Rules page in two places; both in the sh_3_nav AND sh_5_rules files.

The one in the rules config file has been removed. To change the URL to your rules, edit lua\modules\arivia\cfg\sh_3_nav.lua which is where all of the other button URLs are listed.

◾ Docs/Web Folder Added

You have been provided with the full source files now which allow you to host your own static and live wallpapers. View the readme for more information.

◾ Optimizations

Numerous optimizations have been done in preparation for the remaining features that need added or enhanced.

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