Add Food Categories

Adding custom food categories to your menu.

Since DarkRP does not give category customization for Food; Arivia has provided a solution.

Open lua\modules\arivia\cfg\sh_6_food.lua and locate the table; you may add your own categories to this list for food. =
    [ 'yum' ] =
        name                = 'Yum',
        startExpanded       = true,
        sortOrder           = 1,
        tip                 = 'The good stuff',

Next, locate your entities file and create a food item:

DarkRP.createFood( 'Bunch of bananas',
    model       = "models/props/cs_italy/bananna_bunch.mdl",
    energy      = 20,
    price       = 20,
    category    = 'Yum',
} )

DarkRP may require that you restart your server after adding entities to the provided darkrp mods files.

After adding your category code and food entity; open your F4 menu, click Food, and you should see the new category with your item.

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