Defines what teams are allowed to buy the entity.




default field added by DarkRP gamemode


no additional requirements


table { }


This is a default field within darkrp; however, if it is used on an entity while using Arivia; it will have priority over all other checks.

If the player is NOT in the list of teams provided by the allowed field; the item will not display on the F4 menu at all. There is no fading functionality with this field.


DarkRP.createEntity( 'Tip Jar',
    ent         = 'darkrp_tip_jar',
    model       = 'models/props_lab/jar01a.mdl',
    price       = 0,
    max         = 2,
    cmd         = 'tipjar',
    allowed     = { TEAM_HOBO },
    accent      = Color( 183, 27, 116 ),
} )

In the above example; ONLY players in TEAM_HOBO will be able to ever see the Tip Jar in the F4 menu. If other players are not in that team; they will not even know that the entity exists.

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