This documentation serves the purpose of helping server owners install, setup, and use your new copy of this script.


▸ About

Arivia is an F4 menu designed for RP-based gamemodes, including DarkRP, HogwartsRP, and StarwarsRP. It allows your players to switch between jobs that you provide on your server. As an F4-menu; this means that your players will use this to pick between your server's various jobs, buy entities, shipments, food, and more with a simple interface that lists everything as clean as possible.

This addon includes two versions which customers are able to choose between. Version 2.x is the original Arivia that has been used by so many over the last few years; which still continues to get updates, fixes, etc. However, version 3 is now available as well; which is a complete re-write of the addon, but packed with even more features, a more modern design, optimizations, and all the trimming you'll need for your players to enjoy.

Since Arivia is so feature-rich; view the Features page to get a full description of everything it includes.

▸ Features

  • Full category support for jobs, entities, food, vehicles, etc.

    • Ability to sort categories

    • Compatible with startExpanded parameter

    • Remembers which categories have been expanded and collapsed by players for easier organization.

    • Colorize each category from darkrp jobs / entities file

    • Supports tips which display when mouse hovered over category

  • Live and Static Backgrounds

    • Supports web URLs for both static and live backgrounds.

    • Live Backgrounds utilize .webm videos

    • Background source files provided in download

  • Rules interface which displays when the player joins the server (if configured), or can be viewed by pressing the navigation button.

    • Rules can either be text-based or displayed via a website that you configure.

    • If text-based rules selected in config; server owner can also specify a website URL with rules that the player will see on the right of the text-based rules.

  • News Ticker to broadcast important messages to your players.

    • Supports string variables that can be added to each message which displays:

      • Player name / steam id

      • Server population count / Max pop

      • Network Name

  • Staff Interface:

    • Displays a list of players on server that have staff ranks.

    • Each card ( staff member ) displays their name, rank, and can be clicked on to view their steam profile.

  • Server Hopper which displays servers you own within your network. Players can connect to another server by pressing the corresponding button.

    • Confirmation dialog which ensures no accidental clicks

    • Immediate connection to server once confirmed by player

    • Supports 3 modes for button:

      • Type 1 : Icons + Text

      • Type 2 : Icon only

      • Type 3 : Text only

  • User Job Commands (Actions):

    • Players with specialized jobs (Mayor, Civil Protection, etc) have access to a custom list of actions which can be displayed quickly:

  • Navigation buttons:

    • Allow players to reach websites related to your network.

    • Includes buttons for:

      • Network website

      • Donation site

      • Discord invite link

      • Steam Workshop Collection

      • Rules

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